Our Services

Provides High Performance Services For Multiple Industries And Technologies!

Leading Scrap Dealers in Qatar

Industic Engineering has been built on engineering excellence crafted through unstinted dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective to serve the global market & decade young industry expertise.

Project Development

Al Habari Engineering is known for its excellent developmental success in constructive preparation, planning, analysis, risk management, acquisition, execution, project control, contract management, and completion at the right time and cost.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

Petroleum and natural gas are nonrenewable sources of energy, a liquid found underground that can be used to make gasoline.

Fencing Solutions

Guard force provides a wide variety of fencing systems to choose from. Be it buildings, contracting, local governments, universities and homeowners, we provide the best quality fencing and gates within the budget and time.

Oil and Gas Support Services

We have successfully completed Support services, Construction Equipment Operations and Scaffolding services in the Oil and Gas sector at many different sites.

Dismantling and Reinstatement

Our demolition experts at Al Habari Engineering have well trained and experienced professionals who can handle machines and hazardous situations.

Heavy Metal Cutting

Metal cutting can be applied to many segments or modification projects. Our trained research and development team ensures smooth and safe implementation of metal.

Lease Porta Cabin Offices

Well trained professionals as per industry guidelines help you to set up porta cabins. We also offer customized cabins fitted with toilets and pantry for site offices.

Rent Out Electrical Generators

We take contract for various types of generators as they are widely in demand. We do in-depth checking of each generators after each use for a flawless functioning.

Traffic Signs and Road Marking

We extend our expert knowledge to control and guide the traffic by providing setting up traffic signs and road marking at work locations and sites in Qatar.

General Maintenance Services

We provide land transport, car rental, living quarters for staff & villas for senior executives, heavy materials shifting, trading building materials, personal protection equipment and safety items.

Floor Tiling Services

Top-notch ceramic floor fixing by Al Habari Engineering. We are well known for supplying quality ceramic as well as stone tiles. We also do the floor work for the highly demanded low maintenance high class looking flooring.