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Best Metal Scrap Buyers and Dealers, Qatar

/Best Metal Scrap Buyers and Dealers, Qatar

Al Habari group of industries is one of the best buyers and traders of metal scraps in Qatar since 1982. Sell your old scrap to us at a great price and be free of worries. We are one of the most reputed buyers of steel, alloys and other metal scraps directly from industry sources. We are your one stop solution for all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metallic scrap.


Al Habari Engineering has one of the largest metal scrap handling and trading businesses in Qatar. We also buy and sell ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and surplus materials in the areas like Al Khor, Ras Laffan and RLIC in Qatar.


Metal scraps from the industrial areas contains hazardous elements which are dangerous for health. If you want to remove these but are wary of the potential injuries and accidents involved, Al Habari metal scrap buyers can help you. As a key link in the chain of the scrap procurement and recycling services sector, Al Habari helps keep your infrastructure and industrial estate clean and safe. Our economic and experienced handling of surplus materials makes us the top scrap metal buyer in Qatar.


We have gained the trust of our clients and customers as one of a kind metal scrap buyer and dealer in Qatar because of the quality of services. Our goal is to extend our high standards, expertise and professionalism with you and ensure clean and safe environment for all.

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Why us?

Today, one of the most important concern is the pollutants to our environment. With the world developing at a fast pace, industrial and commercial wastes are creating a toxic environment. The biggest concern is removal of these wastes. Keeping your industrial area clean and devoid of perilous and non-perilous metal scrap is a big step towards creating a clean future.
  • At Al Habari, we buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap and surplus materials from manufacturing and services businesses. We are one of the leading metal scrap buyers in Qatar. We extend our services & expertise beyond boundaries, whether you are located in Al Khor, Ras Laffan or RLIC.
  • We follow safe and efficient processes to minimize air and water emissions as the surplus materials buyer in Qatar.
  • As metal scrap buyers in Qatar, we help the businesses to pursue their strategic goals without sacrificing the quality of the environment or health.
  • We assure you with our actively managed monitoring programmes to operate within the schedules.
  • The renovation of industrial & commercial estates piles up many reusable materials. Al Habari works with the clients to give our environment the care and attention it deserves by initiating procedures for able disposal and recycling of such materials.
  •  We help you to maintain a cleaner, safer and sustainable industrial area..
  • We provide onsite estimates of your metal scraps.
  • We ensure wellness of the employees and customers.
  • We are only a phone call away.

Our Services

Our business practice in metal scrap industry covers the enlisted services to our clients:
  • We function as an importer and exporter of Ferrous  and Non Ferrous Metal Scrap and various other types of scraps.
  • We are a representative of a large number of metal scrap yards in Qatar and we aspire to grow bigger as the best metal scrap buyers.
  • We trade in domestic metal scrap market within Qatar helping smaller clients to connect to global world.
  • We stringently follow OSHA-level safety measures and employ well-trained workers to ensure the safe removal of surplus metal scrap materials from your factories and storage facilities.
  • We strive to achieve safe and pleasant working conditions for working men and women and maintain the highest levels of safety records.
  • Our rigorous safety standards ensure that removal of metal scrap and surplus materials and do not cause any hazards to humans, pets or the environment.
  • We handle scrap materials with utmost care, comply with all regulatory guidelines and follow industry best practices.
  • We follow & promote highest standards. We commit to a cleaner and safer industrial estate and workplace.
  • We operate as a metal scrap buyer and trader around Al Khor, Ras Laffan or RLIC, Al Habari and various Middle East countries etc.
  • We facilitate clients with onsite inspection with help of our business associates.
  • As a leading scrap and surplus materials buyer, Al Habari complies with all regulatory rules and guidelines regarding the handling of hazardous materials.
  • Our commitment towards a green environment reflects in our action as we create contemporary methods of recycling for preservation of ecology.
  • We strictly follow the norms of delivering services on schedule.
  • We offer innovative techniques in the field of metal scrap handling and disposal that other companies have yet to provide. We are a step ahead by providing modern equipment, cutting edge technology and apt knowhow of using alternatives efficiently.
  • We meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with a wide array of resources and our vast experience in business. We are performance-driven and we have the knack to serve and satisfy you.
  • We build an agreement and contract to develop & establish a platform where metal scrap industry buyers and sellers uniformly profit.
  • We focus towards long term agreement and contract to expand our client base and create a conducive situation for the buyers and sellers of the metal scrap industry.
On the whole, the whole experience is made cost effective with high priority to the client’s needs and profit. We make sure that we make a better environment for living.