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Dismantling and Reinstatement

/Dismantling and Reinstatement
Demolition and Dismantling contractors are the authorized construction industry professionals. Our demolition experts at Habari Engineering have well trained and experienced professionals who can handle machines and hazardous situations. The demolition experts at Habari Engineering are having over 12 years of experience. Habari Engineering demolition contractors pledge to provide you with quality services and operate to strict health and safety standards.

There are many kinds of demolition like interior demolition carried out in spaces for reuse and upgrade, industrial demolition of contaminated site with hazardous materials or commercial demolition.

Process or Techniques

Our Demolition services consider all the factors which affect the proposed demolition and dismantling processes like the structure height, site conditions, structure shape and location. Demolition and dismantling should complete all the required procedures before the work starts. Proper permit requirements, environmental studies, sound studies are a mandate. Precision and right decision with proper discussion with professionals should be carried out before planning for building demolition. A full proof plan with costings should be done for the demolition process to be hurdle free.

Demolition services is a controlled process to pull down or knock out buildings or sites. The demolition process is a highly precise and refine work which involves the use of many high-end techniques and tools. The Demolition process at Habari Engineering includes Home Demolition, Building Demolition, or Industrial Demolition, which is a deliberate process where each step involves experienced and measured decisions. Building demolition is a task which involves structural decimation, clearing of the building sites, restoration, recycling, and recovery.

Usually demolition of a building is done when they are often damaged by fire, weather, or structural deficiency. 


  • An intense survey of the area and the surrounding is done to rule out any hazardous situation and accidents.
  • A building is made with many toxic and non-toxic materials so it is a compulsion to remove all the toxic substances and soil contamination materials before the demolition starts.
  • A full proof plan is chalked out by experienced engineers. They understand the structural elements and assures to maintain the integrity of a historic structure. On most demolition projects 90% of the material is recycled, salvaged or reused.
  • A study of different parameters of the structure is noted with record drawings, types of construction materials, adjoining properties and site conditions.
  • Demolition contractor layout proper structural support systems with allotted time and frequency of the job required.
  • Safety of the workers, site engineers and medical assistance is also planned, ahead of the demolition process.
  • Safe loading and unloading of the materials and proper storage of the materials are figured out by the demolition company.
Land Transporting shifting sites from one place to another

Dismantling, demolishing and reinstatement of temporary site facilities like, porta cabin and modular office units, warehouses and storage units, roads and shelters is also in our purview. Our Demolition services also deal with underground services like filling up the land, compressing and ground leveling.

Every demolition process follows strict methods which require permit review by local municipal body, neighbors and the surrounding areas. It also must follow host of municipal, state and federal environmental regulations. Due to its dynamic trend, the demolition industry’s health and safety regulations are very strong.