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We have conducted a staff training program as part of the vision building at Banquet Hall, Green Gate restaurant. Understanding the importance of employee training in the engineering sector we left no stone unturned in explaining the approach, responsibilities and expectations of the work on the job site. As safety and quality is one of our priorities we described the guidelines and rules and regulations of safety and health in the work zone. We consider this training to be vital as it helps our employees to get job security and job satisfaction, there will be less requirement of supervision, it will make them more apt in taking up risky tasks and lastly, it enhances the productivity and expertise. Through the purpose of this training, we intend to build a dynamic and proficient team.

We are also delighted to announce the launch of our brand new logo and website; habariengineering.com. With improved navigation, layout, content structure and images, the renewed site is a lot more user friendly and fully responsive on mobile and desktop. The skilfully amended site gives a further comprehensive understanding and a clearer picture of who we are, our values and our focus. Our visitors can now have easier and better access to the services we provide and moreover it also allows us to collaborate effectively with our clients and partners.

The professionally designed website aims to highlight the wide range of projects we are capable of accomplishing and why Al Habari Engineering is the best in the business. The images posted not only show completed projects of high quality but also gives an insight on how our job site functions and the cleanliness and safety measures of the work zone which is important for our online visitors to see. The website will be regularly updated with news, services and features by our team who are also responsible for effectively developing it. You can also stay connected to our water damage restoration in California which uses cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

Together with the website, we have redesigned our logo which stands out on its own.  The new logo with flowing curves symbolises the dynamicity of our business.  It defines a business that is competent, reliable and experienced.

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