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Safety and Health Considerations in Construction and Development.

//Safety and Health Considerations in Construction and Development.
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Maintaining safety and health standards in the construction business should be a top priority. Demolishing a building requires accurate planning and research and it is essential to take care of the safety of the employee involved. At Al Habari, we perform different types of demolition such as interior, industrial and commercial demolition and while working on these we ensure that our focus is also on the security of the workers. With our experience these are some of the safety measures companies have to consider:

  • Creating awareness of wearing seatbelts and not using mobile phones and while driving trucks and so on.
  • Removing protruding nails at different locations such as strip material stacking areas or walkways in between material stacking areas in order to avoid personal injuries. Similarly, eliminating  wooden logs that are left out in the open without adequate barricades.
  • Removing the debris such as wood chips and other small light scraps left on stairs and other access to and from work.  It is therefore important to assign a housekeeping team to continually sweep the area and clear them.
  • Apart from such debris metal sheets that are loose or removed must be stacked carefully mainly because they have the possibility to be blown by the wind which can reach a nearby road causing traffic or accidents.
  • The use of rock wool can be hazardous to the respiratory system. hence it is essential to provide the personnel working with it with disposable coveralls and respiratory protectors. Disposing of this must also be taken care of by carefully removing it into garbage bags before dumping it into the waste.
  • The collapsing of premature buildings especially during wall stripping can happen and must be seriously considered. Engineers must make simple drawings to identify the structures and communicate this to the people involved
  • Sometimes, the excavator is used to push the striped building which can cause it to collapse. The risks involved in this include flying particles or people entering the collapse zone while the work is in progress. In order to avoid this, the radius of the strike zone must be identified and the integrity of the barricade must be monitored.

All in all, it is crucial that the workers involved should be advised about the hazards associated with such demolition projects. it is necessary to disconnect or isolate and mark gas, electricity, water and telecommunications services before demolition work begins. The underground pipes and cables must not be disturbed and traffic management systems must be effectively  maintained so that there is no risk of accidents caused by vehicles turning or reversing on the site.  The importance of safety and health in this area is relevant in sustaining the professionalism and success of the company.